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ASIA Novel Seminar is an online program held by Arthroplasty Society in Asia (ASIA).


In each episode, ASIA will invite experienced joint surgeons to share their skills and opinions on a certain subject.


Let senior surgeons’ experiences inspire your ideas for clinical treatment and enlighten your career path in arthroplasty, which is also the initial purpose of ASIA.

Online Video

Surgical Techniques for Varus Knee TKA

Varus Knee TKA
Haishan Wu, Yaoping Wu, Jianbing Ma, Guoqiang Zhang

Surgical Techniques for Valgus Knee TKA

Valgus Knee TKA
Nicolaas C. Budhiparama,Amar Ranawat,Yixin Zhou,Tzaichiu Yu,Andrew Tang

Surgical Techniques for Flexion Deformity Knee TKA

Flexion Deformity Knee TKA
Prof. Lin Guo, Prof. Sebastien Parratte, Prof. Sanjiv Marya, Prof. Samih Tarabichi

Surgical Techniques for Stiff Knee TKA

Stiff Knee TKA
Bing Yue, Jean-Louis Briard, Christopher Mow, Rajeev K Sharma

Surgical Techniques for Unstable TKA

Unstable TKA
Chuan He, Yonggang Zhou, Charlie C Yang, Michael H Huo