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The 3rd Annual Meeting of Arthroplasty Society in Asia (ASIA 2015) in collaboration with India Arthroplasty Association was held successfully on October 23-25, 2015 in Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Center, Agra, India.

Professor Marya and his colleagues made great efforts for the success of Agra ASIA Meeting. The Scientific program included up-to-date knowledge, debates of arthroplasty and live demos of surgeries.

Online Video


Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty(HRA)using Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
Myung Chool Yoo 08:00-08:10
Cemented THR-Built to Last
Ross Crawford 08:15-08:25
Cementless Stems-forever young!
Alexandra Claus 08:30-08:40
Modularity in hip reconstructions- Boon or Bane
Sanjay Agarwala 09:00-09:10
Strategies for Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty
Jun Dong Chang 09:15-09:25
High Survvorship with Cementless Stems and Cortical Strut Allografts for Large Femoral Bone Defects in Revision THA
Young-Hoo Kim 09:30-09:40
Triathlon--Design Rationale
Narayan Hulse 09:45-09:55
Triathlon--The Australian Experience
Ross Crawford 10:00-10:10
Demo-TKA Part1
SKS Marya 08:00-08:10
Demo-TKA Part2
SKS Marya 08:15-08:25
Demo-TKA Part3
SKS Marya 08:30-08:40
Demo-TKA Part4
SKS Marya 08:45-08:55
Demo-TKA Part4
SKS Marya 08:45-08:55
What TKR Implants do I use?
S.Vaidya 09:00-09:10
Challenges and Solutions Revision Knee in Asia
Asit K. Shah 09:15-09:25
Indications & Pre-op Planning in TKR
Anup Khare 09:30-09:40
Not all varus knees are same
C.J.Thakkar 09:45-09:55
TKR in Valgus Knees
Bharat Mody 10:00-10:10
TKR in Severe Grade 3 Fexion Deformities
Rajeev Sharma 10:15-10:25
PCL in TKR Sacrifice or Retain?
David Choon 10:30-10:40
PS Design is The Best
Kiran Kharat 10:45-10:55
TKA; Fixed Bearing is Tops. The Knee for All Surgeons
A.S.Prasad 11:00-11:10
Mobile Bearing TKR. I Rotate therefore I am!
G.Chakraborty 11:15-11:25
Monoblock Tibia. Remember me?
Asit Shan 11:30-11:40
Discussion about Knee & Joint
Anoop Jhurani 13:30-13:40
Role of Metaphyseal Sleeves in Revision TKA
Anoop Jhurani 13:45-13:55


Computer-assisted total hip arthroplasty I
Sks Marya 08:00-08:10
Computer-assisted total hip arthroplasty II
Sks Marya 08:15-08:25
Ceramics in THA Latest Updates
Martin Zimmerman 08:30-08:40
THA for Protrusio Acetabuli
Suryanarayan P 08:45-08:55
ASR-Full Metal Jacket.Lessons Learnt!
Anant Mahapatra 09:00-09:10
Dual Mobility Cups-My Experience
Avtar Singh 09:15-09:25
THR in Dysplastic Hips
Rajeev K.Sharma 09:30-09:40
THA in Fused Hips
Pradeep B.Bhosale 09:45-09:55
The Dislocating Hip
Leo Joseph 10:00-10:10
How to Get Limb Length right in THR
D.R.Parekh 10:15-10:25
Optimal Head Size in THA
Vivek Sharma 10:30-10:40
THA in Failed Hemiarthroplasty
Sharan S.Patil 10:45-10:55
Open Discusson on THA
Surya Narayan 11:00-11:10
Cup Cage Construct for Severe acetabular Defects
Rajesh Malhotra 11:15-11:25
Open Discusson on THR
Harish Bhende 11:30-11:40
Dual Mobility Philosophy- new era in THA
Vivek Sharma 13:30-13:40
Total Knee Arthroplasty in Knees with Extra-articular Deformity
Ashok Rajgopal 08:00-08:10
Rotational Alignment in TKA. Wich is the Best?
Myung Chul Lee 08:15-08:25
Total Knee Arthroplasty in The Young
Bharat Mody 08:30-08:40
Why Knees Fail?
Parag Sancheti 08:45-08:55
TKR in Unstable/Neuropathic Knee
Hemant Wakankar 09:00-09:10
Total Knee Replacement in Stiff Knee- Long Term Results
Ashok Rajgopal 09:15-09:25
Common Problems in Joint Replacement
Young-Hoo Kim 09:30-09:40
A Comparative Study Between Patient Specific and Conventional Jigs in Total Knee Arthroplasty
Raju Vaishya 09:45-09:55
Parag Sancheti 10:00-10:10
Algorithm of a Revision TKR
Anoop Jhurani 10:15-10:25
Management of Bone Loss in TKR
Hemant Wakankar 10:30-10:40
Augments,wedges,rods,sleeves and cones in TKA
Alexandra Claus 10:45-10:55
Hinged Knee
Sharan S.Patil 11:00-11:10
Revisit the principles of Wound Closure
Naredra Vaidya,Manuj Wadhwa 11:15-11:25
The Disease
Sachin Tapasvi 11:30-11:40
Patello Femoral Joint Replacement
Thomas Chandy 13:30-13:40
Analysis of Computer Navigation in TKA: Which steps are really necessary?
Vivek Logani 13:45-13:55
Robotic Knee Surgery
Ross Crawford 14:00-14:10
Newer polyethylenes in TKA
Gautam Chakrabarty 14:15-14:25
Open discussion in TKA
Naredra Vaidya,Manuj Wadhwa 14:30-14:40
Bharat Mody 14:45-14:55
Minimally Invasive TKA&THA
Bharat Mody 15:00-15:10
Unicondylar TKA
Bharat Mody 15:15-15:25
Mobile Bearing in TKA
Bharat Mody 15:30-15:40
Augments,wedges,rods,sleeves and cones in TKA
Alexandra Claus 15:45-15:55
Moderately Cross Linked Poly Insert in TKA&THA
Bharat Mody 16:00-16:10
Polished Cobalt Chrome Tray in TKA
Bharat Mody 16:15-16:25
Robotic Assisted TKA and THA
Bharat Mody 16:30-16:40


Primary hip replacement and primary total knee arthroplasty I
Ross Crawford 08:00-08:10
Primary hip replacement and primary total knee arthroplasty II
Ross Crawford 08:15-08:25
Ceramics in THA Latest Updates
C.J.Thakkar 08:30-08:40
Large Ball COC Bearing - Relevance to Indian Surgeon
Harish Bhende 08:45-08:55
Instability in THA - Why does it happens?
J.Pachore 09:00-09:10
Acetabular Reconstruction Using Kerboull-type Reinforcement device in Revision THA
Hirokazu Iida 09:15-09:25
32mm-36mm diameter heads of Ceramic
Bharat Mody 09:30-09:40
Our Experience of absorbable calcium sulphate carrier(Stimulan)in infected Knee Arthroplasties
Nilen Shah 08:00-08:10
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
R.Pandey 08:00-08:20
Algorithm for Revision of Infected TKA
S.S.Mohanty 08:15-08:25
Restoration of Joint Line&Rotation in Revision-How Do We Get It Right
Shekar Agrawal 08:30-08:40
Revisit the principles of Wound Closure
Naredra Vaidya,Manuj Wadhwa 08:45-08:55
Current Status of Total Ankle Arthroplasty
Jitendra Mangwani 08:30-08:50
One Stage TKA for Extra and Intra Articlar Severe Varus
Rakesh Rajput 09:00-09:10
Cruciate Retaining TKA
Sanjeev Jain 09:15-09:25
CAS in TKA (I)
Rajesh Malhotra 09:30-09:40
Rajesh Malhotra 09:45-09:55
My Early Experience with SRK
Chandra Shekhar Yadav 09:55-10:10
CAS&PSI!!Hype or Hope!!
Chandra Shekhar Yadav 10:10-10:20
Science of Tissue Management(SoTM)Arthroplasty
Sanjay Pai 10:20-10:30
Discussion on hip and knee replacement
Bharat Mody 13:30-13:50