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Registration is Now Open!
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The 6th Annual Meeting of Arthroplasty Society (ASIA 2018) has been successfully held from Nov 8th to 10theen Shanghai, China.

Till now, ASIA has organized six successful annual meetings, attracted hundreds of leading masters from Asia, America and Oceania area, while benefited thousands of Asia-Pacific arthroplasty surgeons

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Ballroom C

Attune Knee:Our Clinical Experience
Charlie Yang 08:35-09:00
Attune Cruciate Retaining Rotating Platform-Case introduction and Pre-op management
Weidong Xu 09:00-10:05
Attune Posterior Cruciate Substituting Rotating Platform-Case introduction and Pre-op management
Qi Wang 10:15-11:05
Stability in Motion—Attune
Wei Li 11:05-11:20
Live Surgery I:Mako Total Hip
Xianlong Zhang & Qi Wang 12:50-14:00
Live Surgery II:Mako Partial Knee
KwanKyu Park 14:00-15:10
Makon Experience in Beijing 301 Hospital
Jiying Chen 15:30-16:00
Mako in Shanghai 6th Hospital
Qi Wang 16:00-16:30
Mako-The Australian Experience
Dermot Collopy 16:30-17:00
Wei Chai、Jiying Chen、Dermot Collopy、Andrew Tang etc 17:00-17:30

ASIA-PJI Consensus

Prophylaxis of PJI
Jiying Chen 08:00-08:10
New Advances and Hot Topics in Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infection
Xianlong Zhang 08:40-08:50
PJI Treatment Section of ICM
Li Cao 09:20-09:30

Guest Lecture

Spectrum of Constraint for Cruciate-Retaining Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty
Adolph V.Lombardi,Jr. 08:00-08:50
3ES Pratice in TJR
Haishan Wu 08:50-09:05
Acetabular Medial Wall Osteotomy THR in DDH
Myung Chul Yoo 09:05-09:20
Designing and Application of Monoblock Stems with Selectable Anteversion Angles
Yan Wang 09:20-09:35
Why Knees Fail?
S.K.S.Marya 10:15-10:30
What's New in TJR
Michael Huo 10:30-10:45
Clinical results of the short stem in DDH patients
Takuya Otani 10:45-11:00

Precise reconstruction in TKA

How to release a varus knee
Chun Hoi Yan 13:45-14:00
Surface Replacement For Knees With Various Primary Bony Defects And Profound Angulation Deformities
Yaoping Wu 14:00-14:10
53 UKA/THA cases By Mako
Wei Chai 14:10-14:20
10-Year Patient Satisfaction Compare Between CAS and Conventional Technique in MIS TKA
Thanainit Chotanaphuti 14:20-14:30
Robotic Surgery How accurate is it? Is it the future? The Epworth Hospital Experience
Andrew Tang 14:30-14:45
Modified Kinematically aligned TKA--TKA according to the original knee alignment
Ku-chou Huang 14:55-15:00
Floating bearing TKA shows high failure rate at midterm follow-up:Comparative study,CR vs PS mobile bearing
Jae-Hyuk Choi 15:00-15:05
Comparing the Outcome of Circumferential Patellar Denervation in Unresurfaced Simultaneous Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty
Hendy Hiday 15:05-15:10
Mid-Term Outcome of Patient Specific Instrumentation in Total Knee Arthroplasty
Jerry Yongqiang Chen 15:10-15:15
Does Patient-Specific Instrumentation improve Surface Kinematics in Patients After Minimally-Invasive Total Knee Arthroplasty During Isolated Knee Exercises?
Kao-Shang Shih 15:15-15:20
Complications After Opening Wedge High-tibial Osteotomy
Haijun Xu 15:20-15:25
Comparison of early outcomes between HTO and UKA for medial tibiofemoral osteoarthritis
Xiaoling Fu 15:25-15:30
Application of hinged knee prosthesis in total knee arthroplasty for patients with severe valgus knee
Yakang Wang 15:40-15:45
Better Total Knee Arthroplasty Selection for Asian Patients: Quadriceps-Sparing
Yansong Qi 15:45-15:50
Asian knees are not just smaller,but different!
Chun Hoi Yan 15:50-16:00

Precision Treatment for Adult DDH patients

Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty using Birmingham Hip resurfacing (Frist 5 years series of HRA)-Minimum 15 year follow up-
Myung Chul Yoo 13:30-13:40
Clinical results of the short stem in DDH patients
Takuya Otani 13:40-13:50
Periprosthetic femoral fracture as cause of early revision after short stem hip arthroplasty
Seung-Jae LIM 13:50-14:00
Medified demoral neck osteotomy through surgical hip preservation for DDH:More than PAO
Xiaodong Chen 14:00-14:10
CT based navigation for THA in patients with DDH
Nobuhiko Sugano 14:10-14:20
Design Rationale and Biomechanical Analysis of a DDH Hip Stem
Cheng-Kung Cheng 14:20-14:30
THA for adult DDH patients
Seung-Beom Han 14:30-14:40
Gait analysis and LLD of patients with high dislocated DDH
Weidong Xu 14:40-14:50
Midterm Results of Conversion from Failed Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty to Total Hip Arthroplasty
Chang Yong Hu 14:50-14:55
Total Hip Arthroplasty of Complicated DDH via Direct Anterior Approach: initial experience of 15 Cases Classified Crowe III-IV From Chongqing , China.
Yuan Zhang 14:55-15:00
Total Hip Arthroplasty in patients of Hereditary Multiple Exostoses : A Minimum 5-year Follow-up Study
Jae Youn Yoon 15:00-15:05
Direct Leverage for Reducing the Femoral Head in THA without Femoral Shortening Osteotomy for Crowe Type 4 Dysplasia of the Hip
Huiwu Li 15:05-15:10
The Midterm Results of Total Hip Arthroplasty with Modified Trochanteric Osteotomy in Crowe Type IV Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip
Taek Rim Yoon 15:10-15:15
The early experience of IBG in China
Xinzhan Mao 15:15-15:20
Do the Reasons for Ceramic-on-ceramic Revisions Differ between Forte- and Delta-bearing in Total Hip Arthroplasty?
Sang-Min Kim 15:20-15:25
Reconstructing the regular morphology of Proximal Femoral medullary cavity in THA with severe deformity of proximal femur
Chen Zhu 15:25-15:30
Osteolysis after Primary THA using First-generation XLPE:Analysis using 3D-CT scan at FU of 15 Yrs
Shin-Yoon Kim 15:30-15:35

Precision Treatment for AVN Patients

Non-traumatic Osteonecrosis of Femoral Head in Young Adults
Anup Khare 16:00-16:15
Joint registry of osteonecrosis of the femoral head in Japan.
Nobuhiko Sugano 16:15-16:30
Impact of Femoral Anatomy on Survival Outcomes of a Double Tapered Wedge Stem in Primary THAs
Youn-Soo Park 16:30-16:45
Long term outcomes after metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty with a 28-mm head in treatment of osteonecrosis of femoral head
Young-Ho Kim 16:45-17:00
AVN of femoral head "Salvage or Replacement"
Seung-Beom Han 17:00-17:15
Modified femoral neck osteotomy through surgical hip dislocation for osteonecrosis of femoral head : preliminary results
Xiaodong Chen 17:15-17:25
Stepped theraphy of femoral head necrosis(ONFH)
Jirong Shen 17:25-17:35
Highly cross-Linked Polyethylene In THA in Patients Younger then 50 years with ONFH A Minimum of 10 Years of Follow-up
Byung-woo Min 17:45-17:50
Ceramic bearings in THA: What can we learn from registries?
Martin Zimmermann 17:50-17:55
Minimally lnvasive Direct Anterior Approach for THA in the Lateral Decubitus Position:Our Experience
Chen Zhu 17:55-18:00
The Application of Direct Anterior Approach(DAA)in Bilateral Total Hip Arthroplasty
Wulian Wang 18:00-18:05
The Efficacy of Multiple Drilling and Alendronate Compared with Multiple Drilling Alone in the Treatment of Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head
Chengta Wu 18:05-18:10
Radiological analysis of cystic lesion in osteonecrosis of the femoral head
Fuqiang Gao 18:10-18:15

Solutions for Infected TJA

Diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infections
Antonia F.Chen 16:00-16:10
Comparison of Metagenomics NGS and Culture for Diagnostics of PJI
Wenming Zhang 16:10-16:20
Molecular Diagnosis in Periprosthetic Joint Infections
Mel S. Lee 16:20-16:30
Prosthetic Joint Infections Prevention Strategies
S.K.S.Marya 16:30-16:40
How to improve the success of DAIR
Weidong Xu 16:40-16:50
Single-stage Revision for Chronic PJI of Hip-How we do it?
Baochao Ji 16:50-17:00
VMA protocol for antibiotics loading in the cement spacers
Hao Shen 17:00-17:10
Two-Stage Revision Arthroplasty for the Treatment of Prosthetic Joint Infection——based on 2018 international consensus on orthopedic infections
Yonggang Zhou 17:10-17:20
Treatment of infected total hip arthroplasty;Common approaches and New trends
Takuya Otani 17:20-17:30
Plasma fibrinogen exhibits better performance than plasma D-dimer in the diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection:A multicenter retrospective study
Rui Li 17:45-17:50
Predictive value of NLR ,PLR and LMR in the acute infection after total joint arthroplasty
Guanglei Zhao 17:50-17:55
Novel method of antibiotics loaded(articulating) femofal head cement spacer for the treatment of advanced pyogenic arthritis in adult hip
Yoon-Je Cho 17:55-18:00
Predictors of Treatment Failure Following Two-stage Reimplantation for infected TKA A 2-10 Years Follow-up
FengChih Kuo 18:00-18:05
Single-stage Revision with Direct Intra-articular Antibiotic Infusion for Culture-negative Periprosthetic Joint Infection
Baochao Ji 18:05-18:10
Outcome of irrigation and debridement with modular components exchanged,followde by IV and local antibiotics delivery in the treatment of PJI within 3 months since the primary TKA or THA:an average of 68.3 months of follow-up
Wenbo Mu 18:10-18:15